Breathing Amazement

Hello Love,

Four and half years ago I started this business while I was still in the midst of completing my PhD in cultural anthropology.

I knew that I wanted a radically different life than being a professor so I took classes, trained as a life coach, hired a branding company, and basically learned everything I could.

I thought the business I was starting was an academic and life coaching business but it turned out to be an everyday enchantment business! It just poured out of me that way.

I had to laugh when I saw that a year and half in I wrote a love letter where I said I was going to talk about spirit because, well, I had never not talked about spirit!

For most of these years I felt very much like the Fool who goes on a journey with an unknown destination. A kind of pilgrim fool.  As I stepped outside of what I thought I knew, I felt into what this new path looked like.

I made a decision early on to let my spirit lead me. To deeply listen to my soul’s whisperings. To embody my spirit in everything I do.

No matter what shape my work has taken, or will take in the future, I know that this inner spirit will always lead the way. 

She’s the brave blue horizon where the water meets the sky
She’s a sea witch and a priestess of flowers.

She pulls tarot cards while sipping tea
She knows that her work is loving the world

Breathing Amazement E-book


I’ve Collected the Best 16 Love Letters


Reading over the last 99 Love Letters, I can see that I’ve chosen, over and over again to give myself permission to follow my rhythms and respect my limits without being held by them.The book is divided into four parts: the early letters, the flower letters, the major life moments letters, and my favourite letters. The letters are chronological within each section. I did some minor editing but otherwise this is what I wrote.

I love memoir and these letters are one way that I give you my life. I share my stories in the hope that they will help you feel free to be exactly who you are in this world knowing that there’s a fellow traveller on the road with you.

May we lead lives of depth, magic and love.
May we find beauty in chaos even as we know that everything is on fire!
May we love this world and stop just long enough to be enchanted.
May we remember to keep watering the seeds, do a little weeding, and know we are part of the great unfolding.
May we fly!

With Love and Blessings,


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