Circle Elle North

“Gentle guide, passionate priestess, and wise woman are three ways that I would describe Vanessa Sage. As a student in her Priestess Training, I have learned such a great deal of knowledge about the path that my soul yearns to walk. With gentle guidance and compassion, Vanessa makes me feel welcome to integrate the material that speaks to me specifically. This is just the sort of program and wisdom that I have been seeking to nourish my spiritual self.”

Elle North

“I had an awesome day with Vanessa Sage!

Reaching out to kindred spirits and finding true support and love in your tribe is so amazing.

Such a beautiful thing!”

Laura Reid

“I have just read your email and the moment that profoundly changed you. I just wanted to take a moment to bow to you, to honour your spirit, your journey and thank you for your deep, honest and open sharing and for bringing this group together. Hands at my heart, head bowed, thank you, thank you, thank you. From someone who loves deeply but finds it hard to say the words…I love you dear beautiful soul. Namaste.”

Kym Wilson

This course is so perfect for me right now. I was already cracking open then along you came.

Today I shifted. I stopped reading your email part way through to just write. Anything.

What I knew mattered was that I grabbed hold of my present moment. And I did!”

Angela Heather

“I’m truly amazed and awed by the impact that Your Soul’s Song had on my life. Vanessa is such a gentle and compassionate guide, and the course content allowed for such a beautiful opening of my heart.

I felt my soul truly singing by the end of it, and am so appreciative and grateful to have had the opportunity to learn and grow within such a powerful and supportive community!”

-Christina Vega

“Vanessa is a fantastic, strong, passionate woman and I can’t think of a better person to be guiding others on their life journeys.” -Mandy