Your Soul’s Song Self-Study Workbook

Fully Embody Who You Truly Are!

  • How do you express your deepest passions in your life right now?
  • Have you forgotten the sound of your soul?
  • Do you know where you want to be but aren’t sure how to get there?
  • Or perhaps you are well on your way but need a gentle creative boost?

A gentle way for you to get to know you again!

In the simplest and most profound ways.

If you are open to the possibilities, I promise you will hear your own call.

I welcome you to Listen to Your Soul’s Song. This self-study workbook will show you how!

This Workbook Gives You:

  • 30 pages of inspiration and Creative Spirit Play exercises that engage all of your senses
  • Ways to tangibly identify your unique values and life purpose
  • A peek into my journey through this very process

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Your Souls Song Workbook Collage


This workbook flows and is not separated into days or weeks. Work through at your own pace in an afternoon, a week, or a month. It covers topics such as: inner listening, the practice of truth telling, meeting your inner wise ones, and lots of ways to integrate your story and values into your life!


“I’m truly amazed and awed by the impact that Your Soul’s Song had on my life. Vanessa is such a gentle and compassionate guide, and the course content allowed for such a beautiful opening of my heart. I felt my soul truly singing by the end of it, and am so appreciative and grateful to have had the opportunity to learn and grow within such a powerful and supportive community!” –Christina Vega




“I have just read your email and the moment that profoundly changed you. I just wanted to take a moment to bow to you, to honour your spirit, your journey and thank you for your deep, honest and open sharing and for bringing this group together. Hands at my heart, head bowed, thank you, thank you, thank you. From someone who loves deeply but finds it hard to say the words…I love you dear beautiful soul. Namaste.”-Kym Wilson